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The finest ingredients yield the finest results.

Jouvay ingredients are made at the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Grenada using only Grenadian cocoa beans, the finest flavor cocoa in the world.

Cocoa Butter 3.JPEG

Try baking with cocoa butter to add rich, aromatic cocoa flavor to your favorite desserts.

is made by pressing cocoa liquor (cocoa beans that have been refined to a smooth, liquid paste) under intense pressure. This process separates the cocoa solids from the naturally occurring fat in the cocoa bean—cocoa butter. 

Cocoa butter is also a terrific moisturizer and is known to relieve dry skin & eczema.

cocoa powder.jpg

Cocoa powder adds rich cocoa flavor to baked goods & beverages. It contains antioxidants & healthy minerals including zinc, iron & selenium. 

 is the by-product of cocoa butter. It is the solids that remain after most of the fat has been pressed from the cocoa beans. At Jouvay, we do not chemically treat our cocoa with an alkali solution, such as potassium carbonate. The result is a product free of chemicals, lighter in color, and richer in cocoa flavor.

cocoa nibs orig.jpg

Full of antioxidants, cocoa nibs add a delicious crunch to your favorite baked goods & smoothies. Try adding them to cookies, muffins & granola.

are the basic ingredient of chocolate. They are made by fermenting, roasting, and cracking cocoa beans. To make chocolate, we take nibs and grind and refine them into a smooth paste and add sugar. But nibs can be delicious just as they are, before they are turned into chocolate. 

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