In 2021, Jouvay of Grenada established its import and distribution headquarters at 8 Huntington Lane in Walpole, NH to better provide the U.S. market with some of the world’s finest cocoa products.


In Walpole, we’ll be importing chocolate and other cocoa products—including cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and nibs--made at th Diamond Chocolate Factory in Grenada. Because chocolate does not always ship well from the tropics—the change in temperatures affects the temper and texture of the chocolate—we will be tempering and molding Jouvay chocolate at our factory in Walpole and shipping to customers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond.


Our distribution site in Walpole is not a retail operation, but we always welcome visitors to stop by! Shoot us an email at if you’re interested in a visit.

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