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Jouvay Chocolate is made from Grenadian cocoa at the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Victoria, St Mark.

The word Jouvay (also spelled “j’ouvert”) is Grenadian patois. It comes from the French “jour ouvert,” or "dawning of a new day." At Jouvay, we are introducing a new day for chocolate making, reflecting our passion for exceptional quality, environmental sustainability, and economic fairness.

Jouvay chocolate is a partnership between the cocoa farmers of Grenada (represented by the Grenada Cocoa Association) and the Burdick family of Walpole, NH.


The GCA is a farmer elected cooperative that has long represented farmer interests, giving them tools and knowledge for farming and negotiating the best price for their beans internationally. The GCA represents the farmer’s 70% ownership of Jouvay Chocolate while the Burdick family contributes their chocolate making knowledge and connections, making up 30% ownership.

The deep knowledge of harvest and post-harvest processes in Grenada in combination with the chocolate making knowledge of renowned, European trained American chocolate maker Lawrence Burdick has resulted in a global to local business that is modeled to address the great inequities found throughout most of the chocolate making industry. 

Together, they formed a partnership that is committed to producing rich, delicious chocolate, while preserving Grenada's unique, diverse ecosystem.
As majority-owners of Jouvay, cocoa growers are able to benefit from the value-added processing, leading to greater economic security.

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