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Walk onto a cocoa farm in Grenada and you might not realize you’re on a farm at all. The cocoa trees don’t grow in neat rows, like apple trees in an orchard. Instead they grow scattered, in a lush tropical forest, among fruit, flower, and spice trees—part of a diverse and unique ecosystem.



The fact is, Grenadian cocoa beans are among the most prized in the world. Until recently, Grenada has exported almost all of its cocoa beans—mostly to Europe—to be processed into cocoa powder and chocolate. European chocolate makers often use small amounts of the high-quality Grenadian cocoa to add flavor and depth to mixtures of less expensive, lower-quality cocoa from other parts of the world. Apart from the single-source products of a few specialty chocolate makers, it has been difficult to find a product made primarily from Grenadian cocoa beans. 

With Jouvay Chocolate, this situation changed. Jouvay, a Grenadian company, is a world-class, large-scale cocoa processing plant on the island of Grenada. We produce a variety of superior-quality dark chocolates (both kilo bars for professional use and 85 gram bars for retail sale), cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and other cocoa-related products, including cocoa tea balls, an island specialty.

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The richness and complexity of this ecosystem is reflected in the flavor of Grenadian cocoa beans. Grenada’s majestic nutmeg trees do more than provide just the right amount of shade for the smaller cocoa trees. Some of the fruit from these and all the other surrounding trees decompose in the soil, lending Grenadian cocoa the kind of rich and complex flavor one associates with the best wines. 


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