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Jouvay cocoa powder, made at the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Grenada, is special for two reasons: it's made from Grenadian cocoa beans, known for being some of the finest flavor cocoa in the world; and it is non-alkalized, which means is hasn't been chemically treated with an alkali solution (such as potassium-carbonate). Much of the cocoa powder on the market is alkalized to reduce acidic flavors and deepen the color. 


At Jouvay, we don't chemically treat our cocoa powder. The result is a product that is free of chemicals, richer in cocoa flavor and lighter in color. 


Try using Jouvay cocoa powder in your favorite cocoa desserts and beverages and taste the difference! 

Cocoa Powder (Non-Alkalized) - 1/2 lb. bag

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