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Visit us when you're in Grenada!


Learn how cocoa grows, take a tour of the chocolate factory & enjoy a chocolate tasting

home of Jouvay

Diamond St, St Mark

A note for our customers:

All orders placed on this website are shipped via USPS from Walpole, NH.

For customers in Grenada, please call us at 473-437-1839 to find your local retailer.  

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Jouvay is a partnership between the Burdick Family of Walpole, NH and the cocoa farmers of Grenada. As majority owners of the Diamond Chocolate Factory where Jouvay is made, Grenada's cocoa growers benefit from the value-added process of chocolate making, which leads to greater economic security.
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In 2021, Jouvay established its import and distribution site in Walpole, NH. We are excited about this new chapter for Jouvay, which means we can provide our customers everywhere with the world’s finest cocoa products from the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Grenada. 
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Jouvay chocolate is made from the wonderful cocoa beans of Grenada, a lush mountainous island where cocoa trees grow scattered amidst the fruit- and spice-bearing trees in the rich volcanic soil of the tropical forest. Grenada has long been known as the spice isle, but some people refer to it as the cocoa isle as well, a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Try our

Milk Chocolate

Made from Grenadian cocoa beans and milk from grass-fed cows in the Swiss Alps.

It's delicious.

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For questions about purchasing chocolate in Grenada, visiting the Diamond Chocolate Factory, or anything else, 

reach out to us!

Call: 473-437-1839




In the States, we offer Jouvay products for mail order, wholesale, and retail.

For wholesale inquiries, questions about placing an order, or anything else,

reach out to us!

Call: 603-756-3470



Health Bar Collection

This set of 4 dark chocolate bars is accented with delicious, health-boosting ingredients such as turmeric, flax seeds, almonds, berries & coconut.

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Cocoa Butter Cookies

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