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velvety-smooth chocolate is mixed with pure peppermint oil & pretzel bits, spread thin and garnished with peppermint sprinkles

Try our

Milk Chocolate

Made from Grenadian cocoa beans and milk from grass-fed cows in the Swiss Alps.

It's delicious.


Health Bar Collection

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Cocoa Butter Cookies

Stock up your pantry with baking essentials


Design the perfect favor for all your party needs

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Jouvay is one of a handful of chocolate producers around the world that has set up large scale production facilities in the island nation where our cocoa grows. But Jouvay is unique among these companies. That’s because we don’t just BUY from local cocoa farmers or WORK with local cocoa farmers, we ARE the local cocoa farmers.

We are excited to announce that Jouvay officially established its U.S. import and distribution site in Walpole, NH. 


Here, where we’ll be importing chocolate and other products from the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Grenada to share with our customers in the States, Canada, Europe, and beyond.

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All orders placed through our website are shipped via USPS from Walpole, NH.

For orders in Grenada, please call 473-437-1839 or visit the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Victoria!


As you browse our online shop, please keep in mind that certain products are only available for mail order from the U.S. 


While we set up Jouvay's U.S. import site, we took the opportunity to refresh our packaging!

A note for our customers:

While we have updated our packaging for Jouvay sold via mail order in the U.S., Canada, and beyond, Jouvay products sold at the Diamond Chocolate Factory and throughout the Caribbean have kept our original well-loved packaging.

Despite the different packaging, the product is the same high-quality chocolate made from 100% Grenadian cocoa at the Diamond Chocolate Factory in Victoria.

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Jouvay chocolate is made from the wonderful cocoa beans of Grenada, a lush mountainous island where cocoa trees grow scattered amidst the fruit- and spice-bearing trees in the rich volcanic soil of the tropical forest. Grenada has long been known as the spice isle, but some people refer to it as the cocoa isle as well, a chocolate lover’s paradise.
Jouvay is a partnership between the Burdick Family of Walpole, NH and the cocoa farmers of Grenada. As majority owners of the Diamond Chocolate Factory where Jouvay is made, Grenada's cocoa growers are also chocolate manufacturers, doing the value-added processing which leads to greater economic security.
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In 2021, Jouvay established its import and distribution site in Walpole, NH. We are excited about this new chapter for Jouvay, which means we can consistently provide our customers everywhere with the world’s finest cocoa products from our Diamond Chocolate Factory in Grenada. 
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