Grenada Cocoa Association (dba Quality Producers, Ltd.)

The Grenada Cocoa Association is the cooperative of Grenada’s independent cocoa farmers. Established in 1964, the GCA has been playing a critical role in Grenada’s cocoa economy, helping farmers to grow, ferment, dry, market, and sell their superior-quality beans. We also act as an agricultural extension service, providing our members with continuing education and promoting the current best practices in cocoa farming.

We are proud of the work we do as farmers and stewards of the Grenadian rainforest. But we are even prouder of our accomplishments at the Diamond Chocolate Factory, where Jouvay is made. By making cocoa farming more profitable, we are improving our own lives, and providing incentive to the next generation to hold onto their farms, rather than selling them to developers. And by turning our marvelous beans into marvelous bars, we are sharing the flavor of pure Grenadian cocoa with the rest of the world.